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If I'm missing your site on Bernadette, No matter what language please email me I'll update it asap!! Unfortunatley a lot of her sites are no more so here is what i have left!!

Other websites dedicated to Bernadette

The Bernadette Flynn Yahoo Fan Group: Come join and see what it's all about!
Bernadette Flynn page by Flo: A short biography and some pictures.
Grace and Beauty Exemplified : Used to be adopt a dancer
Bernadette program info & pics: By Robert one of the oldest LOTD sites
Flatey Dreams Bernadette page: Very cute
Bernadette photos: A nice small page
Bernadette info page: Has some nice pictures and info
Carver Doone webshots: Lots of pics
French Bernadette page: Nice
Bernadette Flynn presents an award: Nice
Bernadette Flynn in Olive Hurleys videos : How to order
Bernadette sayng hello to the Celtic Cafe. :
Follow your Dreams: Some great pictures of Bernadette
Andy & Mary Flynn's B&B: Her parents site


An Irish Dance troupe in south africa : There is a small mention of Bernie.
Irish Dancings Magazine's article on Bernadette :
NEW The story on their engagement :
Bernadette and Touring with Damien :
Lord of Love couples find love on touring.:
Bernadette had her jewelry stolen! :
Irish dancing Magazine : It's all about the hair

Links related to Lord of the Dance dancer's

My "Unoffical" Tribute to Gillian Norris: More commonly known as the temptress Morrighan
Jen's Gillian Norris page: Lots of info and pictures.
A Dearbla Lennon fan page: Saoirse in Troupe 1
Denise's Kelly Hendry page: The temptress in Troupe 1
A tribute to Helen Egan : The original Little Spirit in Troupe 1
LeighAnn Mckenna's site : An amazing Morrighan in Troupe 1, excellent site too!!
A tribute LeighAnn Mckenna and Sarah Clark : A nice site on these two dancers
LeighAnn Mckenna's site : An amazing Morrighan in Troupe 1, excellent site too!!

Links related to Lord of the Dance

The offical Lord of the Dance website: Check it out for some more info on Bernadette...
Zamm's LOTD webpage: One of teh 1st LOTd sites
Jessica's dancer of the week site: One of the 1st LOTD sites : Lots of pics
Feet of Flames 2001 pics: And Riverdance & Lord of the dance
Irish dancing Magazine website:
Cat's webshots page:
Eflakes aka JoJo's LOTD webshots page:
Phillips LOTD page :
Feet of Flames pics: By Morganna NICE site
Bruce Summers LOTD page:
MerryBee's LOTD site: very nice about all the troups!
Michael Flatley by the Masters : By Snakelady
Celtic Cafe : Maintained by Bernadette and Velvet
The Great Hall of YOGRI: By Cathymom
Lord of the dance San Diego :
Raving Looney Flathead Zone : By Vanessa
Lord of the dance Epcot : By Steve
Celtic Dreams : By Venice
Lord of the dance A tribute : By Diana
Emerald Isle LOTD page:
Kathleen queen of Doggeral 's Michael Flatley site : An original
GlennsterTM Visits the Lord Of The Dance In Erie Pa: Nice insight
Flatleyland dance academy :
Joerg Lord of the dance site EXCELLENT:
Oscail an Doras : More riverdance based
Lord of the dance museum:
Stezi Michael Flatley photos pages: Tons of beautiful scans
Planet Ireland:
Flo's Lord of the dance page:
Flatley Fantasies & Unicorn Dreams page: Is temperarly closed for spring cleaning
Shane's LOTD Page :
Jamies LOTD tribute page: Has a few nice rare pics
Used to be adopt a dancer:
Astro Nomi´s LOTD Site :
Dreamweavers LOTD site :
Libbys pages : Features FOF 2000 pics
Meet troupe 1 :
Gillian Norris Forever:
Who's who in the troupes:
LOTD in Cape town: New 11/19/04
Melissalotd Lord of the dance webshots page:NEW 11/19/04

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